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 This is another form of hip hop that goes to another level of rap music. Get your free rap music downloads from Teelow Bully. Its a combination of hip hop and African American fiction. Frederick Bully is a convicted murderer, pimp and drug dealer that died May 1, 2003. His spirit came to hip hop artist and writer Da Author Trete Lo. His spirit has influenced Trete Lo's music so much that Trete Lo has changed his name to TeeLow BuLLy.  

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  If you think you can solve the murder mystery of Frederick Bully. Simply fill in the form below and you will get a series of emails over the next few weeks that contain clues about Frederick and his mysterious death. Bully had so many enemies and killed so many people before he was found dead in a cabin near Galveston Beach. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's written in the style of urban fiction and sometimes there will be audio to accompany the writing. Join in the fun and see why thousands love the writing of Trete Lo.  It's all FREE!

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