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 This is another form of hip hop that goes to another level of rap music. Get your free rap music downloads from Teelow Bully. Its a combination of hip hop and African American fiction. Frederick Bully is a convicted murderer, pimp and drug dealer that died May 1, 2003. His spirit came to hip hop artist and writer Da Author Trete Lo. His spirit has influenced Trete Lo's music so much that Trete Lo has changed his name to TeeLow BuLLy.  

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   Hip hop has been going for past 30 years and people used to write hip hop off thinking it was just a fad. However,

TeeLow BuLLy has been through it all. "I just keep going telling my stories just glad that some people even acknowledged my music for what it is. Authentic street stories, music that lives and has a soul. It's not just rap to me, it's really an entire culture." Thank you for being a part of my dreams coming true.